New York Headshot Photographer Denise Ding takes headshots of up and coming actors, actresses and corporate clients in her lower Manhattan studio.  (for SEO)

Creative input – executive portraits for Brendon
As a creative director at a large advertising agency, Brendon’s been on many a photoshoots in the past. We helped switch things up a bit by putting him in front of our camera this time. The result – modern and distinct corporate headshots to represent his business persona to the world.
“el Menona” – Headshots with Marius
With this portrait session we aimed to highlight actor/director Marius Biegai’s more intense and powerful side while allowing a twinkle of his humorous side come through as well.
Jack of all trades – Headshots with Erica
Erica’s a multitalented multilingual aspiring comedian who’s currently juggling work as well as grad school! We really appreciate her commuting from Albany to our Manhattan studio just to come take her headshots with us. Here are the final two retouched images from her 1 look session:
Holiday photo session – Headshots with Veronica
If you own a television set in Mexico, then you may recognize this lady. Actress Veronica Falcón hailed all the way from Mexico City to update her headshots with us over the holiday break. Under her graceful and charming exterior, the lady’s a through and through badass.
A fresh face to the city – Headshots for Rachel
Fresh and enthusiastic newcomer Rachel decided that her first step to making it in New York City is to revamp her headshots with us.Here are some selects from her 2 looks session. We wish her a bright future in acting!
Post-Graduation Headshots with Sarah
Sarah is a performance major who’s about to graduate early from Fordham University and came to us to get her first post-graduation headshots. We’re looking forward to seeing her career take off!
Work and Play – Corporate Headshots with Paul
For some, the sound of “corporate headshots” might bring back horrible recollections of grade school “Picture Day” (does holding an awkward half smile to hide your braces while a disgruntled photographer tells you to say “cheese” resonate at all?). As someone personally haunted by those memories, I’m keenly aware that the key to a great […]
Glowing bright – Headshots with Danielle
Danielle’s an aspiring actress and model who’s still attending school in Baltimore. She realized that regardless of what field she’ll decide to pursue upon graduation – it’s important to have a great headshot to get a step up over the competition.  Although she had already taken some outdoor headshots, she wasn’t entirely satisfied with and […]
World’s toughest trainer – headshots for Matthew
Matthew is a fitness instructor who teaches group and individual classes in nyc.  On top of being a guru of all things fitness related (his vast knowledge of how the human body moves is sure to impress), he’s an artist as well. His current project Apron Artist aims to promote art programs in public schools […]
Comedy Timing – Headshots with Joon Chung NYC Comedian
Joon is someone that I met back in college (University of Michigan - GO BLUE!) who’s now an up and coming comedian in NYC. This funnyman is rather serious about his comedy career and needed some professional shots to use to promote himself. Enter Denise, stage left … He came down to our lower manhattan studio the day before 4th […]
Using the Force – Headshots with Kayla Ferguson – NYC Actress
Bubbly and charming Kayla dropped us an email after seeing one of her closest friends Haleigh Ciel’s headshots with us. Rather like Haleigh, she wanted specific character based shots which would represent the range of her talents in her transition from theater onto screen. In her own words: Kayla is a comic book nerd, an […]
Renaissance Man – Headshots with Tom
Tom shows us that it’s never too late. Although acting wasn’t his first endeavor in life, Tom’s zeal for it is obvious and he’s dived whole-heartedly into this pursuit.  His distinct features brought to mind Hollywood icons Roy Scheider and Gabriel Byrne, and we hope our shots will lead him down the same path.
Brooklyn Chic – Headshots for Lisa
This true Brooklynite knows how to take “professional” to the next level. Working in marketing, it made sense that she had photos of herself that she can market to future employers. She came in needing a couple of solid professional shots and ended up leaving with these charming candids.
Utterly Charming – Headshots with Faith
Faith got in touch inquiring after the 4-looks package. After a few email exchanges, I was delighted when she suggested meeting up beforehand to discuss the details and get acquainted (I’m a firm believer in connecting face-to-face, AND the weather that week was gorgeous for sitting by the marina right outside the building). So we met […]
Prepared and proactive – Headshots for Haleigh
Haleigh’s energy level was so high that it literally woke us up out of our morning daze (it was pretty early). Nevertheless, we loved her enthusiasm and professionalism. She came well prepared after having put some significant work in before hand, with mood boards, associated words and ideas being exchanged back and forth. By now, […]
Afternoon Session – Headshots for Andrew
Aspiring actor Andrew was looking to upgrade his headshots to help him get more visibility and reach in his search for more work. He came in to the lower manhattan studio for two looks, and we worked together with him for maybe a couple of hours, focusing on really bringing out his softer side. Cheers […]
Handy Model – Headshots for Jan
When Jan shot with us in early April, the New York winter was still visiting with us and summer was a distant memory. Fortunately Jan was a breath of fresh spring air into the studio, and as we worked with her on the looks she wanted, we were able to enjoy our time with this […]
Light Hearted – Headshots for Tarik
A rising star in the classical world, composer Tarik O’Regan was our first client with a wikipedia entry of his own. As well as being a thoroughly charming fellow to work with, his music has airs of his north african roots. It was incredibly easy to shoot with him and our session seemed more like story-telling than […]
Headshots for Megan
A great fit – Headshots for Kathleen
Kathleen is an actor and model who is very into all things fitness related. We shot her headshots as well as some full-body looks of her pulling off difficult poses and making them look like a breeze.                          
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